The Role of the CDFA

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

A CDFA® is required to go through an intensive training program to become skilled in analyzing and providing expertise related to the financial issues of divorce. In order to obtain the CDFA® designation; three exams are written, and each must be passed with a minimum of 70%.

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A CDFA® can help parties:

    • Identify the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property
    • Understand tax implications of settlements
    • Analyze pension and retirement plan issues
    • Determine if the client can afford the matrimonial home
    • Provide the client and his/her lawyer with data that shows the financial effect of any given divorce
    • Provide education pertaining to tax issues that apply to divorce
    • Possesses background knowledge of the legal issues in divorce
    • Collect financial and expense data
    • Help client’s identify their future financial goals
    • Offer creative financial approaches to settling cases