Our Divorce Mediation Process

Our mediation process makes it easy and stress-free for you and your partner to reach a mediation accord without going through expensive and adversarial litigation.

Step 1
Initial phone conversation
Before scheduling the first mediation session, an Accredited Family Mediator will engage each of you, separately, by telephone. This initial conversation is an opportunity to obtain basic information about your unique situation and to answer any questions you may have. There is no charge for this phone consultation.
Step 2
Next, we will meet separately with each person for approximately one hour to further detail the mediation process . We’ll get a better understanding of your unique situation and concerns, and you’ll get a an understanding of how mediation can help you. For your convenience, this step may be performed through video conference.
Step 3
Guided Mediations
The parties then participate together in one or more guided meditations, depending on the complexity of the issues to be resolved. The goal of the guided sessions is to work toward a resolution of the issues to the satisfaction of each person, leading to a fair Separation Agreement. An interim summary report will be provided after each two-hour mediation session.
Step 4
To complete the mediation process, we provide a report summarizing the issues resolved in your fair Separation Agreement. It is suggested you follow up with independent legal advice to confirm the agreement for the court.



According to a 2016 survey from Canadian Lawyer Magazine, the average cost of a contested divorce is $15,306. Going to court? Add another $18,710 for a two-day trial or a whopping $33,564 for a five day trial, on average.

Our mediation fees are a small fraction of that. Also, we offer fixed fee package rates in cases where issues are well defined – to assist you in budgeting. There are no hidden costs such as faxes, disbursements, copying etc.

Let’s connect to build a package that works best for you!