Divorce Mediation

Parent Mediation Canada – the first point of contact for divorcing couples who want to create a fair Separation Agreement and avoid unnecessary court and legal costs.

Holistic early intervention through our divorce mediation services is the key to maintaining family unity beyond separation if children are involved, and is critical to finding an agreement on property division that satisfies both parties, without the expense of angry litigation.

Why not consider your divorce options before proceeding to court?
The court process is lengthy and lawyers are trained to advise their clients about their rights from a one-sided point of view, often deepening the feelings of resentment and frustration resulting in significant emotional and financial loss.

Our Divorce Mediation Process

After an initial telephone consultation, our confidential, safe process begins with each party meeting individually with one of our experienced and accredited professional mediators to discuss the issues from their point of view. The initial consultation is free of charge.

The parties then participate together in one or more guided mediations, depending on the complexity of the issues to be resolved.

Our goal is to create a space for positive communication so that the voice of each person is respectfully expressed and heard, enabling a mediated accord to emerge. To complete the mediation process, we write a report summarizing the issues resolved in a separation agreement, and ask for your consensus. It is suggested you follow up with independent legal advice to confirm the agreement for the court.

With your convenience in mind, we offer individual appointments during evenings and weekends in a variety of locations in Ontario. Families are strongly encouraged to meet with us as the first point of contact before/without Court. We facilitate difficult discussions and keep the conversations respectful and on track towards a mutually acceptable solution.

How Our Accredited Family Mediators Can Help You

Parenting Plans
provide a flexible structure to your children’s lives post-divorce
Custody, Access, Child Support
contentious issues can be resolved without litigation
Property Division, Spousal Support
we’ll help you come to an equitable agreement
Financial Planning Post-Divorce
to help you budget for your new financial reality
Improved Communications
for co-parenting or other ongoing concerns
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