Mediation or Litigation?

So you and your partner have decided to split. Now what?

There are many issues to consider … What happens to our children? How do we equitably split our assets? Will there be spousal support? Child support? What will my financial life look like post-divorce? Do I need a lawyer or is there a better way?

Mediation or Litigation? Parent Mediation Canada offers a better way
Through our diversely talented, highly experienced, exceptionally caring and accredited mediators, we help you and your partner reach a mediated accord on all these issues without going through expensive and adversarial litigation.

Here are just a few way our process offers a better way …

Our Mediated Process is Non-Adversarial
We work with both parties to reach a harmonious and satisfying agreement. Through the guidance of our experienced mediators, we’ll help the conversations stay on track and be respectful.
Our process will save you money
Getting to a mediated agreement that both parties can live with is much less expensive than the adversarial approach of going through the court system.
Each voice is equal regardless of income
Often, there is a discrepancy in incomes for divorcing couples and their individual ability to obtain legal representation. Perhaps one party has been a stay at home mom or dad. Or one party works only part-time and the other full-time. Whatever the circumstance, our mediation process puts both parties on equal footing.
We’ll help take away the stress
Because we work towards a fair agreement, both parties are guided towards an agreement each person can live with. Instead of one party winning in the courts, both parties come out ahead through a mediated settlement.
We’ll save you time
As a mediation service, we don’t have to wait for available court times or matching of lawyers’ schedules. We’ll guide you to a mediated agreement in a reasonable time-frame removing much of the stress involved.
How much can we save you?
According to a 2016 survey from Canadian Lawyer Magazine, the average cost of a contested divorce is $15,306. Going to court? Add another $18,710 for a two-day trial or a whopping $33,564 for a five day trial, on average. Our mediated agreements cost a small fraction of that.
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