Coaching can effectively support people going though Separation and Divorce. The types of support that they provide vary according to their clients’ needs. Some people need emotional encouragement, some need help with learning to effectively communicate with their ex partners, and others need to have insight as to what their triggers are so that they may better control and manage their emotional responses.

The reality is that people seek out Divorce Coaches for many different reasons. Although Divorce coaching is a relatively new profession in the area of divorce, lawyers, mediators, and clients all agree that they have successfully filled a much needed void.

Why not consider your divorce options before proceeding to court?
The court process is lengthy and lawyers are trained to advise their clients about their rights from a one-sided point of view, often deepening the feelings of resentment and frustration resulting in significant emotional and financial loss.

Our Coaching Process

A Divorce Coach can play a vital part of your support team as they can serve a variety of very important functions. Here are some things that a Divorce Coach can do for you:

  • Help you to organize. When people separate, there are so many things to consider and to think about. A Divorce Coach can help you to organize your financial paperwork; help you to complete financial statements, and all in all, make these tasks seem less overwhelming so that you feel more in control of your situation.
  • A Divorce Coach can assist you in finding the best lawyer and/or Mediator for your budget and for your particular unique situation, as well as prepare you for meetings with your lawyer.
  • Coaches can help you to analyze your lifestyle and assist you with planning a reasonable budget.
  • Communication breakdown is one of the top reasons that marriages fail. If you have children with your ex spouse you will need to learn how to effectively communicate with them. A coach can assist you with this. Marriages may end, but families continue forever.

Going through a Separation or Divorce can be distressing with so much to do and to consider. By working together with your Divorce coach; you will move confidently into the next chapter of your life, which will enable you to enjoy all that life has to offer.

How Our Accredited Family Mediators Can Help You

Parenting Plans
provide a flexible structure to your children’s lives post-divorce
Custody, Access, Child Support
contentious issues can be resolved without litigation
Property Division, Spousal Support
we’ll help you come to an equitable agreement
Financial Planning Post-Divorce
to help you budget for your new financial reality
Improved Communications
for co-parenting or other ongoing concerns
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